2018 Awarded Grants

In our tenth (!!) year of operation, the Snapdragon Book Foundation was quite pleased to receive nearly 600 applications from all types of schools and from every state in the country (including the Virgin Islands, the Mariana Islands, Alaska and Hawaii)! This was our most competitive year yet! Grants ranging from $1000 to $20,000 have been awarded to the deserving schools below. Winners will be additionally notified via email. We apologize for not being able to give specific feedback on proposals and hope that you’ll consider reapplying next year. We’ll keep making additional changes and additions to our website over the course of the year, too, so check back for our soon-to-be-announced 2018 “Next Up” school, video tours of our awarded schools and to sign up for our newsletter. We’re changing our application timeline for next year: the 2019 application will be available in November and will be due in February of 2019.
Abraxas School of Ohio

Shelby, OH

Voices Will Be Heard
Students at Abraxas School of Ohio will help select books that represent them and their experiences to improve the selection of relevant and quality literature for pleasure-reading.

Barnwell High School

Barnwell, SC

El Lector Espanol y El Espectador del Mundo (“The Spanish Reader and World Viewer”)
Barnwell High School will stock its library with basic and advanced fiction and nonfiction books in Spanish that both Spanish-speaking students and Spanish language learners students can benefit. They will also improve the overall diversity of the collection so that all students can be world viewers!

Bay View Elementary School

North East, MD

Bringing Bay View Elementary library into the 21st Century!
Bay View Elementary will get a much needed update as they start to replace the 4,000+ old and outdated volumes that were weeded from nonfiction sections that were over 30 years old.

Boston Preparatory Charter Public School

Hyde Park, MA

Building Windows and Mirrors on Shelves: Our First Central Library
Boston Preparatory Charter School will finally have books to fill their new school building, built with a central library as the heart of the school, the empty shelves are waiting to be filled with books that help students see themselves and learn about the world around them.

Columbia Falls Junior High School

Columbia Falls, MT

More Bridges to Build: Growing Writers Through Reading
Books to support a classroom library dedicated to help students grow as writers, readers, and thinkers, to help them heal from trauma they have experienced in their lives, to help them see that there is a diverse world beyond our valley, and to help them see how books are mirrors, windows, and doors into familiar as well as new experiences.

Kau High and Pahala Elementary School

Pahala, HI

Read Aloud with Ohana/Family
Books will support a dedicated time for family members and older students to read to younger students and to work together to create plays and projects inspired by books.

Kensington High School

Philadelphia, PA

Establishing a School Library
A dedicated group of current students and teachers will create Kensington High School’s first central school library. They have the room, the shelves, the furniture. Now they’ll have the books!

Morris Schott STEAM Elementary

Mattawa, WA

Full STEAM Ahead! Fueling STEM Identities for Rural Readers
Award winning STEM picture books, graphic novels, mysteries, adventure, science fiction as well as high interest non-fiction STEM books of every kind will be checked out to students as part of a reading challenge. The focus will be on STEM books that feature people of color, women and other underrepresented groups in STEM contexts.

Scriber Lake High School

Edmonds, WA

Owning Our Own Voices
Hearing voices which have been historically marginalized or silenced empowers and unites us all. Scriber Lake High School will continue to fight institutional ISMs by filling their shelves with “Our Own Voices” — books that are written by members of the communities they represent. Every single student will be able to see her/him/themselves in this collection.

Ysleta High School

El Paso, TX

“Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes through Reading”
A project dedicated to providing books that highlight life, culture and experience in different communities around the country and the world to help students understand both differences and similarities inexperiences, lifestyles and values.