2023 Next Up Fundraiser

The directors of the Snapdragon Book Foundation are excited to announce Clatskanie Elementary School in Clatskanie, Oregon as our “Next Up” school for 2023.  This school would have received a grant back in April if we had the funds and will now receive 100% of the donations to the Snapdragon Book Foundation during the month of September 2023. Our goal is to raise $2,500.00 to fully fund their library project, SEL Matters! The purpose of this project is to expand their outdated and almost non-existent Social Emotional Learning book selection to help their students open their hearts to others, to themselves and to the world around them.

Last year, Clatskanie Elementary School introduced their special needs students into the general education classes. This experience is new for everyone in the school and presents unique challenges for the community. In her application, Library Media Technician Lisa Christen highlights how this change in conjunction with the recent Covid epidemic and resultant distance learning have affected the school’s social framework. Emotions and raging hormones run rampant through the halls. Students are learning about new social interactions and can improve their empathy and understanding through reading. Ms. Christen is looking to purchase both chapter books and picture books that provide gentle explanations to help cope with the ever-changing world. Books like “Don’t Think About Purple Elephants” and “We’re All Wonders” will be read with the younger classes. For the emerging readers, titles like “Fish in a Tree” and “Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid” will help establish a sense of self and equip them with tools to help grow their emotional capabilities. Many of these newer social emotional learning books do not appear to be “teaching” books and will be placed on display in the library to increase their circulation. 

With your support, The Snapdragon Book Foundation’s Next Up campaign will be able to help the students at Clatskanie Elementary School by funding their project, SEL Matters! Throughout September, we will broadcast updates about the “Next Up” fundraiser and more information about the school on our social media feeds and website (www.snapdragonbookfoundation.org). Please take a look and support the cause by donating today at https://snapdragonbookfoundation.org/how-to-donate/