2018 Next Up Fundraiser Update

Each year, we select one school from the hundreds that apply to be our “Next Up” School.  We work directly with the school to raise the funds for a specific project.  In 2018, all donations made to the Snapdragon Book Foundation in the month of September went directly to Moon Mountain Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona to fund their project, Land of the Lost. Leslie Mills, the librarian at Moon Mountain, informed us that “dinosaurs have truly become extinct in our school library” and testifies that every year students ask for books about “the real ones, not the purple ones.”

Due to the lack of funding over the past decade, the school library has not been able to replace or supplement the dinosaur books that have been too well worn or have gone to the “Land of the Lost.” Even though she lacked the money to purchase, Ms. Mills researched and selected dinosaur books that are age appropriate and include teaching resources as well as student activities.  The proposed books are aligned with both the Common Core and state standards and will promote reading while helping the future paleontologists in the school dig up more information on these prehistoric creatures.  She was asking for $1,000 to purchase these new books. Thanks to our friends and donors, we were able to raise $2,595​, more than double the amount requested in the grant proposal! Moon Mountain Elementary and their community were extremely grateful for your support and generosity!