2016 Awarded Grants

In our eighth year of operation, the Snapdragon Book Foundation was quite pleased to receive over 575 applications from public, private, and charter schools from almost every state in the country (Delaware, where were you?!). This was our most competitive year yet! Grants ranging from $500 to over $15,000 have been awarded to the deserving schools below. Winners will be additionally notified via email. We apologize for not being able to give specific feedback on proposals and hope that you’ll consider reapplying next year. We’ll be making additional changes and additions to our website over the next couple of months, too, so check back often for blog posts from previous winners, more pictures, and to sign up for our newsletter. The 2017 application will be available on the website on January 1, 2017.

Crane Middle School

Yuma, AZ
“Alice Dreams of a Library (Without Scotch Tape)”
With at least 75% of the collection already having undergone extensive repairs and an average of 16 books being repaired every single day (along with the entire nonfiction collection being over 25 years old) the Crane Middle School library will finally be upgraded with new fiction and nonfiction!

Frostig School

Pasadena, CA
“New Nonfiction for Students with Learning Differences”
Exciting STEM books to be incorporated into science labs, coding and technology classes as well as high-interest nonfiction texts for K-12 students.

Jerome Middle School

Jerome, ID
“The Genre Challenge Literacy Initiative”
Every student at Jerome Middle School will be participating in the Genre Challenge and encouraged to read from Mystery, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sports, Humor, Survival, Historical, Newberry Award, Multicultural, Graphic novel/Manga, Biography/Autobiography, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Students will be recognized through whole school events as they make progress in the challenge.

Jefferson Middle School

Springfield, IL
“The Jefferson Middle School BINGO Book Challenge”
Students participate in a individual and class reading challenges to earn a square on a BINGO card like: Read a Graphic Novel, Read a State Award Book (in Illinois it is called the Rebecca Caudill Children’s Choice Awards), Read a Nonfiction book, Read a Book with Blue or Yellow on the Cover (our school colors), and Read a Free Choice Book.

Cathedral School

Springfield, IL
“Teens Choose”
Students in the upper grades will select new books for their library to help motivate peers and make recommendations.

Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School

Bowling Green, KY
“PBC: Providing Books for Children”
Project PBC will provide books in the areas for which there are the most requests: more nonfiction books on sports, cars, animals, and holidays for primary students; mythology, sports, biographies about celebrities and athletes and more “scary” (but not too scary) books for intermediate students.

Kagman High School

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
“The Real Deal: Finding Yourself in Nonfiction”
Everyday in the library, the question is asked, “Where are all the books about “real life?” High school students are immersed in the process of figuring out who they are, what they believe, and how to face the struggles and hardships that is part of living. They are looking to be inspired; to know whatever obstacles they encounter, they have what it takes to prevail because others have. Through this project, students can have access to a wide range of memoirs, autobiographies, self-help books, and historical anecdotes to find out how “ordinary” people handle life.

Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy

Chattanooga, TN
“Read the Whole Series: Library Expansion and Update”
Refreshing the Calvin Donaldson library through new engaging series books, books with more diverse characters, and new nonfiction to update the aging library.

White Swan Elementary/Middle/High School

White Swan, WA
“Project Makeover: Library Edition”
A much needed makeover to the elementary, middle and high school libraries to provide updated, interesting reading material for students.