2020 Next Up school is…..Waldo Pafford Elementary School in Hinesville, GA!!!!!

We at the Snapdragon Book Foundation know this has been a difficult year for everyone. The world we know has changed suddenly and many have lost loved ones, jobs and their way of life. Schools are in upheaval, with teachers, students and parents all facing new challenges. We acknowledge these difficult circumstances and would like your help to make a difference for one more school this year. 

The Snapdragon Book Foundation is excited to announce Waldo Pafford Elementary School in Hinesville, Georgia as our “Next Up” school for 2020.  This school would have received a grant back in April if we had the funds and will now receive 100% of the donations to The Snapdragon Book Foundation during the month of September. Our goal is to raise $2,500 to fully fund their library project, Supporting the Children of our Heroes. This purpose of this project is to instill a love of reading and help ease the many stresses felt by children in military families.

Waldo Pafford Elementary School serves a population that is frequently on the move due to military relocations and economic hardship. The staff works incredibly hard to make connections with the students to prepare them for the global community by focusing on the importance of being ready, respectful and responsible. These traits will help them throughout their lives and are emphasized in the books that will be purchased in The Supporting the Children of our Heroes project. Books about military families, deployment and social and emotional health will help young students understand more about their families, friends and the world. Ms. Nicole Carter, an educator at Waldo Pafford Elementary School for 18 years, sent in the school’s application. She noted the average student in a military family attends nine schools before graduating high school. Besides easing these transitions, Ms. Carter says these books “will help students, teachers, and parents with the information needed to celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and recognize each student’s individual place within our diverse school community.”

With your support, The Snapdragon Book Foundation’s Next Up campaign will be able to help the students at Waldo Pafford Elementary School by funding their project, Supporting the Children of our Heroes. Throughout September, we will broadcast updates about the “Next Up” fundraiser and more information about Waldo Pafford on our social media feeds and website. Please take a look and support the cause by donating today!