2020 Awarded Grants

In our twelfth year of operation, the Snapdragon Book Foundation was quite pleased to receive nearly 750 applications from all types of schools and from every state in the country! This was our most competitive year yet! Grants ranging from $1000 to $20,000 have been awarded to the deserving schools below. Winners will be additionally notified via email. We apologize for not being able to give specific feedback on proposals and hope that you’ll consider reapplying next year. Check back in August for our announcement of the 2020 “Next Up” school. The 2021 application will be available in November and will be due in February of 2021.
Emmonak School

Emmonak, AK
School-wide Literacy Promotion
This project, part of a larger school-wide focus on literacy, will add a variety of high-interest, low-level books to the existing library so that older students will have age-appropriate books that are written at their grade level.
Vista Heritage Global Academy

Santa Ana, CA
No More Swiss Cheese – Filling in the gaps in series, favorite authors, and popular genres
This project will fill in the holes by getting more of what students ask for again and again. This project will fill in the missing books for popular series, add more books from favorite authors, and get more mystery, horror, realistic fiction, and books about exciting historical events.
Cross Creek School

Pompano Beach, FL
Diverse Books for All
With the belief that reading can be very therapeutic when students have access to information they can identify with, Cross Creek school will add books to their collection that better serve and reflect the needs of their diverse student population. The new books will focus on marginalized and underrepresented populations, real issues that their students can relate to, and stories that highlight the positive and successful lives of people of color, people with disabilities, or other marginalizaed populations.
Longwood Elementary

Glenwood, IL
Two Teachers with a Dream
This project will revive the outdated school library and connect students with engaging and varied books in order to encourage a life-long love of reading. With updated book titles and fresh copies of classic favorites, the library will renew an important purpose of promoting reading for pleasure.
Springfield Ball Charter School

Springfield, IL
DeWEy Have This Book? Yes!
This project will help revamp the school’s K-8 non-fiction collection, specifically in the areas of zoology, true crime, history, technology, art, and biography, the highest areas of interest among students at the school.
Fairview Elementary Artful Learning & Performing Arts Academy

Bloomington, IN
Reading for our future at Fairview
An all-around update of the library in the most-loved sections: Nonfiction, Fiction, Graphic Novels, Manga, Comic Books, Chapter Books and more!
Collegiate Academies

New Orleans, LA
Libraries to Challenge the Single Story: Books that explore Power and Perspective
This project will empower students to challenge ‘single stories’ through their independent reading. Through new fiction and nonfiction in their classroom libraries, students will be able to access new perspectives and new ways of thinking about topics both familiar and foreign.
Brockton School District

Brockton, MT
Breathing Life into Our Library
This project will see the purchase of new books to replace those damaged by summer flooding as well as titles recently weeded due to their age and inaccurate information.
Washington Avenue School

Pleasantville, NJ
Blastoff to Learning: Books to Support Reading and Classroom Learning
The Washington Avenue School Library will foster student engagment in the library and support classroom learning by purchasing high-interest, current, accurate books in nonfiction including the most requested sections of animals, geography and biography.
Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy

Bronx, NY
Founding the Mott Hall Literacy Lab
This project will fill the empty shelves of the Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy’s new dedicated library space with high interest fiction, graphic novels, comic books and manga, magazines, and books to serve the large bilingual and English Language Learner population.
North Shore Middle School

Houston, TX
Cars, Stars, Czars and Memoirs..
This project will update the 20-year old non-fiction section of the North Shore Middle School library, by adding new and updated books in Technology (Cars), Science (Stars), History (Czars), and Biographies (Memoirs), while also adding to Literature, Arts and Social Services.
Tucker County High School

Hambleton, WV
A Classroom Library
This project will expand a small classroom library, filling it with high-interest books targeted at young adult readers in order to encourage and facilitate students to read independently. With new books at the ready, this project will promote reading among a high-risk group of students for whom age-appropriate, culturally relevant reading material is often unavailable.