“Next Up” School 2016: Lacey’s Spring School

The Snapdragon Book Foundation is proud to announce that Lacey’s Spring School is our “Next Up” school in 2016. The “Next Up” program is a month long fundraising campaign to support a school that would have received a grant if we had more funds. For the entire month of September, the Lacey’s Spring School library will receive 100% of the money donated to The Snapdragon Book Foundation!

The Snapdragon Book Foundation will collaborate with Lacey’s Spring School to try and raise $3,000 to fund their Reading Renovation: Put our Dreams on the Shelves project. This project is an effort to update the school’s aging collection to meet new standards. The grant money will be split, with 55% of the funds going towards non-fiction books and the other 45% going towards fiction books. Lacey’s Spring School librarian Amie Hall noted in her grant application how the average age of a book in their collection is 24 years and “many of these books have been read and loved until the pages are thin, worn, torn, and are beyond repair.”

Lacey’s Spring School is a Pre-K-8 Title I school that provides most of the books in northeast Morgan County, Alabama. The school has an 81% free and reduced lunch population and is located in a rural community faced with increasing poverty and the absence of a strong economic or industrial base. Many students are English language learners who live 30 miles from the nearest public library, which limits their access to summer reading.

Librarian Amie Hall summed up the situation and echoed the Snapdragon Book Foundation’s Mission by stating, “Poverty should never limit students access to appropriate literature and stories that would inspire them and change their lives.” With your support, The Snapdragon Book Foundation’s campaign will be able to help the students at Lacey’s Spring School by funding the “Reading Renovation: Put our Dreams on the Shelves” project. Through the end of September, we will digitally broadcast student testimonials, updates about the “Next Up” fundraiser, and more information about Lacey’s Spring School, so please visit us at Snapdragon Book Foundation for updates and donations!

The Snapdragon Book Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides grants to public, private, and experimental schools to buy books for the students who need them the most. It was founded in 2008 by a former school librarian and has been able to provide about ten grants a year to deserving schools. For more information, visit Snapdragon Book Foundation.